What Are CO2 Cars?

 in simple terms..........................


CO2 Powered Dragsters are little cars that students can design, build, test, modify and race and that "impersonate" the real life AA Fuellers in their speed, power and explosive fun!

The cars travel down a 20 m track powered by 8 gram CO2 gas bulbs

The bulbs are pierced using a starting gate with a spring loaded ‘hammer' which is triggered to hit a steel pin into the gas bulb

The force from the CO2 canister's expulsion propels each dragster (very quickly) to the end of the track

The cars are attached to the track by nylon fishing cord which runs through two screw-eyelets underneath the car

Two cars can be raced at once as per dragster racing in the real world

A micro switch is triggered by the ‘hammer' and sets off the timing device

At the finish, cars trip a switch that stop the timer, recording the time for each lane

It is basically a 1:20 scaled down version of the real thing....